Saturday 8 November 2014

Using Facebook To Expand Your Shop Business

These days everyone seems to have a social networking account, from Twitter to Facebook and whilst these sites are great for keeping in touch with long lost relatives and friends they can also be used to make the most of your shop business. No, I'm not talking about online selling here but marketing your shop through one of the most popular online mediums around. Statistics show that users of Facebook alone spend 700 billion minutes each month updating their profiles and browsing their friends' pages and with over 500 million Facebook members worldwide, that's a marketing dream come true! The vast majority of customers who walk through your door probably have an account and so do their friends and their friends' friends. It's a great way to reach existing customers and gain some new ones.

Each time someone becomes a fan of your page, that information is posted onto their newsfeed for their friends to read, which means that for every one person who becomes a fan, approximately another 150 read about it. So the question becomes not can you afford the time to set up a Facebook page, but can you afford not to? Especially when you take into account that business pages for Facebook are getting better and better and the majority of promotional applications are free. Many shops find it one of the best ways to keep customers up to date on new products and offer incentives such as promotions and discounts for Facebook members. Keep your page interesting, spend just 15 minutes each day updating your profile and engaging with members. Upload photographs of products and encourage customers to upload their own. Results won't be instant but if you keep the page interesting and lively your fan base will start to grow and it could well be the best bit of free marketing you've done so far.

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