Saturday, 7 May 2016

Treating Cancer

It's been almost a year now since I actually stumbled after a product called MMS. As with most others who have come across this compound, it was more by chance than any actual research - my local freinds recommended the product to me. ?nternet site am trained in acupuncture, I realize many "wonder'' products come and go - but the variation in cases like this is that this product seems to go a long way!

In my own situation, I possess had a amount of small health problems for quite a period - psoriasis off and on, and a persistent low grade gum infection. Though these conditions are minor, I was still wanting to treatment the situation (especially the gum infection), with an organic approach, as anti-biotics were not dealing with the illness as they should.

Anyways, to reduce a long story brief in order to give you guys a brief overview how the product works, my psoriasis reduced in its intensity by a good 50 percent, and the low quality gum infection cleared itself within three days of ingesting this product - for me this is highly suggestive that this method a little different than others had attempted!

The MMS compound itself is a relatively simple substance, being nothing more complicated than sodium chlorite - or more commonly known as liquid oxygen. ALRIGHT, this was nothing new to me, and by itself, sodium chlorite has been used to great effect for decades. But where the magic occurs is when citric acidity is added in a set ratio to then give rise to a compound called chlorine dioxide - this I knew nothing about.

Upon further research, I realize that a man by the name of Jim Humble got developed this product, together with its protocol. Although by using an expedition into the jungles of Central America looking for gold, two members of the trip came down with Malaria. After many years of experience, Humble always carried stabilized oxygen on such trips to make the local water drinkable - and as we described above, this is very salt chlorite. Facing the chance of losing two friends, Jim gave each man a large dose of stable oxygen, and also to every ones amazement, the two were well enough to sit down up and talk after about two hours.To become more data click here mms chile.

Over a period of the next several years, Jim Humble figured out what made stabilized air so effective in some malaria cases, and it wasn't the stabilized o2 at all - but rather the trace amounts of chlorine dioxide. It was found that by adding citric acid at a ratio of 5 droplets to every one drop of sodium chlorite, a lot greater amount of this very potent compound is produced.

After treating over 75, 000 malaria patients in the field, as it were, Jim Humble finally settled after a recipe and treatment solution that worked the best across a variety of pathogenic stressors. This solution is one drop of 28% sodium chlorite to every 5 drops of citric acidity. This solution is then permitted to sit for a minimum of three minutes before water or a suitable beverage is added to facilitate its ingestion. From this stage the perfect solution is is super charged with a stable but enormously no- pathogenic chlorine dioxide!

Besides being profoundly anti viral, anti bacterial&anti fungal, MMS is selective in how it works in the body.

Without getting excessively technical, the chlorine dioxide compound works via journeying around the body within blood stream, as do most medicines. MMS is different than most though, as it has the capacity to only target pathogenic stressors that are damaging to your body. It does this by literally stripping electrons, sometimes up to five at a time, from organisms that are not meant to be there.

From my experience through the years, this product is one of the few that has grabbed my attention. For a minimal amount, one has enough product to last for a good part of a year - what other medicine can make such a claim! I possess followed up and spoken to a lot of people about MMS, and even local medical doctors are starting to prescribe this product - without making claims, of course, but prescribing it because its efficacy cannot be refused.To get additional facts click the link mms cancer.

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