Thursday 23 June 2016

Kindle fire 3 - The New Features For the Kindle 3rd Generation (And What They Left Out)

The announcement for the Kindle 3 is now official, and no doubt requests for the new e-book reader are piling up by the thousands. For those of you who may know very well what a Kindle is; simply put, it's an electronic book from Amazon . com which is about the height of a big book and as slim as half a pencil. Is all the excitement for the Kindle 3 merited or is it just the same old device in a new graphite situation? Let's look at what Kindle 3 brings to the table and what Amazon decided to leave out. However, before we do that we need to put some concentrate on the eReader market and what Amazon is trying to attain with the Kindle.

Sure Amazon - it's a jungle out there

It's not surprising to say that Amazon is facing a very different world compared to when it first released the Kindle. The competition for the eReader market is getting crowded at both the budget end and the high-end. Additionally , there has been a lot of discuss "kindle-killers' which are seeking to dethrone the Kindle king as the number one eReader. The Kobo eReader was released earlier this year, with a price tag significantly less than the Kindle at $149, and it will be information to nobody that Apple launched its attack into the eReader market with the media-rich iPad.

Because well as a hard market, Amazon is confronted with a strange situation where the implicit consumer needs are contradictory to the explicit demands. On the one hand, the unspoken implicit demands are telling Amazon that visitors want a fairly easy to make use of device that doesn't distract from the reading experience. Anything very "book-like. " About the other hand, the explicit demands are requesting a new state-of-the-art device with multi-media functionality, with touch screen technology, video looking at, etc...

How has Amazon . com responded to these challenges? Firstly, they weren't lured to create an electronic book reader which does everything and distracts from its main task; namely reading. Get more information about kindle then you can always consider Kindle Oasis Review.The Kindle 3 has retained its simple interface and is still very "book-like". Secondly, Amazon has counter-attacked the budget eReaders coming into into the market by launching two versions of the Kindle 3. These kinds of being, a Kindle with 3G Wifi ($189) and a Kindle with Wifi ($139). The Kindle 3-G Wi-Fi device maintains the previous price tag of the Kindle 2 while adding a bunch of new functionality. The Kindle Wi fi undercuts a sizable majority of other eReaders on the market, while delivering a mature product which is backed up the Amazon . com book store with millions of titles to choose from.

Given the situation where Amazon finds itself, let's look at what features they put to the Kindle 3 and what they determined to leave left out there.

Kindle 3 - what they place in.

Amazon concentrated on bettering the Kindle's basic functionality, by enabling the Kindle do what it does best: reading.

Amazon has improved on the readability of the device, which by all standards had been very good. They claim 50% better contrast than every other e-book reader, better readability under brilliant sunlight, and some new improved fonts to read your books with.

The physical device itself has also been improved. The size of the Amazon kindle has been reduced while maintaining the same sizes for the reading area. The battery life has also not been neglected. A simple charge can last upward to one month.

The capacity for the Kindle 3 is now 3500 publications which may be down loaded in under 60 seconds.

Wi fi is added to the 3G as a way of connecting with your Kindle so as to browse the Amazon book shop and the net with the new web-kit centered browser.

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