Tuesday 22 August 2017

Gift from my Deceased Son – Amazing!

This amazing story started many years ago when my youngest son Nicky was killed in a road accident. He rode his bike out of our driveway
straight into the path of an oncoming car. He was thrown into the air
and died instantly, at just ten years old.

Around six months ago I had an unusually vivid dream. An Angel handed me a gold necklace and chain. The oblong shaped pendant was intricately
carved. As the months passed, I searched everywhere, in shops on the
Internet but couldn’t find the necklace that matched the one in the

Three weeks ago on Father’s Day, my husband Hugh and I went into an old jewelry store. In the glass cabinet, I saw the necklace, exactly
like the one in my dream. The eighteen karat gold piece was fairly old
and as beautiful as I remembered in the intense dream. I had to buy it.

As we sat back in our car I opened the package and examined the pendant. The ceramic image in the picture is Our Lady, Mary, Mother of
Jesus. This reminded me of Nicholas as we had raised him Catholic and
his gravestone had a statue of Mary next to it.

I turned the pendant over and to my astonishment Nicky’s initials were engraved on the back N.S. I couldn’t believe such a coincidence, in
fact, it was a God-incidence!Get more information about motivation then you can always consider inspirational articles. It had to have been orchestrated by a
higher power and by Nicky himself, there is no other explanation.

We live on the Gold Coast in Australia, although originally from England. The same day we decided to drive into Surfer’s Paradise and saw
that a Spirituality Fair was open. We went in and wandered around the
stalls. People were going into a room at the back where a well-known
Australian psychic was giving messages.

Hugh and I sat right at the back of the room and listened for a while. The man walked toward Hugh and pointed. He said, “I have a young
boy here who died in a road accident. His name begins with M, no, N,
Nicky. He tells me it happened a long time ago, and he wants to wish his
Dad happy Father’s Day.”

Hugh, a skeptic, went white. He couldn’t believe the words that came out of the Psychic man’s mouth. Get more details about motivation then you can always consider motivational articles.After finding the pendant earlier in the
day and now this, a direct message from our son Nicky, he’s changed his
views. The evidence was undeniable.
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