Wednesday 14 February 2018

Tips on being a happy camper at a Minnesota Summer Camp

It is clear most children cherish their first time at an overnight summer
camps. so says Lonnie Lorenz, director of Swift Nature Camp a Minnesota summer camp. "Our finding. it’s easy to create lasting memories-Roasting
marshmallows over a campfire, paddling a canoe for the first time,
singing silly song" These are the memories that are not easily
replicated unless you go to Overnight Summer camp.

For many families this can be a bit scary especially for those going to summer camp for the very first time.
Campers have many concurs: What is the food like? Will I make Friends? What if I
get scared or lonely? What if I’m afraid of the water, bugs, bears ?
Parents concerns are equally important and are mostly about safety
concerns and trying to understand Why would you ever put your children
in the care of young people in their 20’s out in nature and away from
your connection cell phone?

At Swift Nature Camp, we have been running a first timer camp for years. We know how to create camper
success. We hold parents hands helping them to feel more comfortable
about their decision. Our Discovery Camp is so successful last year 100%
wanted to return. Here are a few thoughts to point you make the right

Camp has plenty of firsts- So try to help your child get ready for the ones you know are you know are coming . So be sure
your child is comfortable spending nights away from you or not talking
to you every few hours. So practice sleepovers with grandparents or
family friends and while away don’t take a cell phone. This practice can
ease the anxiety in your camper but surprisingly it will help you as

Don’t worry about being homesick. "Homesickness isn’t a surprise, it’s a given", says Jeff Lorenz, director of Swift Nature r
Camp.Get more information about business then you can always consider Minnesota summer camp. We all feel connected to home. Summer camp gives children an
opportunity to have these feelings and then to move past them and get
over it. Kids learn sometimes things don't feel comfortable but "i can
do it" and that builds independence.

When we can get our children to be open to challenges they will personally grow as a person
and be more ready for life. Lonnie says " When of our greatest joys is
when campers return from a backpack trip and say how hard it was but
then say it was great" In life often Great things require work...and
that's OK.

Often parents and campers find security in taking a friend to camp. However this can be a crutch for your child. They may
not be willing to make independent choices or may rely to heavily on
this friend. So, It is important to fully think about this before
promoting heading to camp with a friend. Campers will discover more
about themselves going it alone.

Connections are what camp is all about. At Swift Nature Camp an overnight summer camp in Minnesota we work hard with our staff to get them the skills to become friends to
each camper.Yet campers need to know they also should work a bit to
become friends with the staff. They will feel better if they reach out
as well. Don’t worry too much about making kid will
happen. This is especially true at our Discovery Camp where every child
is new to camp.

"The most important thing I tell parents and campers" says Jeff Lorenz "Don't worry camp is a safe place filled with
new friends. Get more details about business then you can always consider overnight summer camp in Minnesota. Yet conflict will happen. It's part of cabin life and
that's ok. Camp will give you the skills needed to deal with life
conflicts." Take what you learn at camp and remember these are the
skills children will need for the 21st century.

If you are looking for more helpful hints in picking a summer camp see

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