Thursday 24 March 2016

Internet Positioning Tips

Web positioning is extremely important for promoting your site with search engines, especially when you are dealing with automatic robot based ones. Therefore, web promotion is also closely related with the design of your website and in this article we will look up some of the ideas you may use to enhance your site SEO and there fore increase your site traffic.

The reason I point out internet site design in the relation to web placement is the following: automatic robot based search engines use crawlers or programmed programs, which scan through web sites and determine their relevancy and ranks using certain parameters and protocol. One of such parameters is that they completely ignore images, video and all flash. This means that fancy pages do not impress crawlers, on the contrary, they ignore them and lower your ranks.

This is where the turmoil between web designers and promoters may begin. Therefore, retain in mind that a plain design text page can be as successful or even more successful in creating web traffic through higher web placement, as fancy one. Spiders are content minded and as long as your content is relevant, keyword optimised, regularly refreshed and original, robots can put you high in search powerplant results.

To make your on line content both robot and human friendly you need to remember that both of your 'readers' have the same goal. Humans search for information and robots search for informational pages to be contained in relevant search results. So, formatting your pages' text in some manner would please both of them.

Use a reasonable number of keywords, called keyword density on your pages. Usually it is 4-7 percents. Employ keywords in your links and Titles. Do not leave "blank" links, such as Click here. Put your keywords inside. In case you do have plenty of images, use Altbier tags for putting your text and keywords there. It will help you much in your on line positioning.

Also link your pages between on their own. In this way crawlers will see all of your pages and not only your main URL.

The good way to increase your site value for robots and also to generate more return traffic is making your visitors staying extended at your site by exploring more of the pages. Get more information about web promotion then you can always consider posicionamiento web antofagasta.It is possible by putting links to other related articles on your on line pages, or providing free hints and tips on your products or services, directing your visitors to FAQ pages, etc.

All the above listed web positioning methods work and work well if you attend to them carefully bearing in mind the uniqueness of the internet community shared both by humans and robots.

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