Thursday 24 March 2016

The way to get Hosting and Domains At no cost

Are you paying too much for your Domain name names and Hosting?

I actually was before I began checking out things.

I had been paying 30$ a year for a single. possuindo Domain, and i also didn't even get good service, a free email account or any possibilities of managing anything regarding my Domain names my self.

Then I started checking out things and now I am actually paying nothing for my hosting!

How is that possible?

Well let myself tell you how things work. You can get a. com Domain for as low 1. 99$ if you for occasion go to [] or many other places. But you will have to by something else to get it at that prize, because no one is making any money at that prize, and they also only sell it to you too prize because you then hopefully will by your hosting there and stick around for several years. So in the long run they will generate profits upon you. Keep in mind THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A FREE OF CHARGE LUNCH, when you save money on your Domain you will have to give money for something else or every domain seller would be out of business very quickly.

Where you could save money and even earn a living is if you become a merchant of Domains. If you turn into a reseller of Domains you will by them at a wholesale reward that is lower than ay prize you can get anywhere else, plus you will be able to earn a living from selling to other people. That's what I do.

Whenever I actually desire a Domain name We because of it from my self. A. com Domain cost me 7$, so you see selling it for 1. 99$ means losing money, so nobody is doing that unless they generate income on something else.Get more information about web hosting then you can always consider هاست داخل ایران.The particular best thing you can do is therefore to generate income on your personal, that way you get the Domains and Hosting as cheap as you can and you could with a little effort even earn a living selling off to other people.

Godaddy is the #1 registrar plus they sell finished web shops for selling Domains. They use their sister company Wild Western world Domains to sell merchant plans. They provide 24/7 support for your consumers, so you don't have to worry of anything. Right now there are two different merchant plans the small cost 99$ and the big 199$, but here's another scoop. Many people have chosen to become master shops, selling reseller shops, and they are usually giving a discount, to win market shares.

So for only 90$ you can get your hosting and Domains as cheap as possible and you will even generate profits at the same time selling to others!

That's how Domains and Hosting became absolutely free for me.

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