Saturday, 11 June 2016

Drug and Alcohol Relapse Prevention - Give up smoking Cigarettes For Best Effects

Using tobacco can greatly boost the risk of returning to medicine and alcohol use.

You will find a growing body of proof provided by research studies that shows that smokers have a significantly higher rate of relapse back to drug and alcohol use than non-smokers. This should come as not surprising when we look at smoking use as consuming a drug.

Nicotine is a drug, it is disposition altering, highly addictive, and a poison.
In drug and alcohol treatment, the concept of complete disuse from all mood altering substances is almost universally accepted. Why has nicotine been traditionally excluded? I am not sure, potentially because of historical social acceptance of smoking. Condoning nicotine use for an alcoholic or drug should be is almost like telling an alcoholic to give upwards rum, scotch and beer... but tequila is OKAY.

There is a popular myth that trying to quit using nicotine products while giving up drugs and alcohol is actually much to handle. The new evidence shows the reverse is true; people attempting to stop smoking during treatment for drugs and alcohol actually have a higher rate of success. Arguably, for a smoker, a key factor in their drug and alcohol relapse prevention plan is to stop smoking.To become more data click here drug youth prevention.

This higher rate of success makes sense if we look at some key elements of how to quit smoking and their ready availability during drug and alcohol treatment.

1) Getting support and setting a date. In treatment, counseling, encouragement and peer support is quickly available.

2) Learning alternate coping skills. An essential element in quitting smoking is to make concrete changes in dealing with situations where smoking occurred. For example, handling boredom or stress.

3) Preparing a relapse avoidance plan. A prepared intend to handle difficult situations is like an insurance policy; you may never need it, but it is sensible to have it in place.

These are important elements in any type of relapse prevention plan. There is a great package of more information available on relapse prevention and giving up smoking.To get additional facts click the link alcohol & drug prevention.

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