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Press Notifications - Provides Analytics and CRM Tool for Higher Level Marketing

Companies are investing a whole lot of money over customer relationship management and direct marketing initiatives. With improved connectivity through mobile, primary marketing strategies have reshaped and become narrower. Advanced functions and push alerts have paved the way for greater customer connectivity, virus-like marketing, and even new customer acquisition.

Forrester released a research report "Push Mobile Engagement to the Next Level, " which instructed marketers to integrate their marketing strategy with push notification. This wirings the true potential of new elements of connectivity in the marketing ecosystem. (1)

Not a Replacement but a Support

More people are downloading and making use of various job accomplishment applications for streamlining transactions and daily operations. Push notifications have the prospect to enhance traffic and drive more conversions with people spending more time on apps. Push notifications work as a balancing support for common messaging tools with increased focus and customization through better analytics and customer relationship management.

Push Analytics for Internet marketer

Push analytics can be employed by businesses to comprehend the value and the push they are offering to the shoppers. To make push warning announcement more channelized in content, frequency, and timing, the push efforts of the business should be evaluated. Push analytics can be used as important elements to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of the software in user purchase, engagement, and conversion. Push notifications can allow calculating if an iphone app was launched through push warning announcement. It also measures the effectiveness of the drive campaigns through the unique campaign ID.

The dedication level of users can be established over metrics. This includes iphone app release, time spent by users on the app, and the number of times the screen was viewed. This can be calculated for both push and non-push users. By evaluating and contrasting the two categories over these metrics, the effect of press notifications can be extracted. The enterprise can be one step further to compare and contrast the effectiveness of various categories of the push notification - transactional (service and order), direct selling, and event-associated. (2)

The Edge over Some other Messaging Tools

People are required to fill out a web form or textual content a keyword for acquiring promotions while offering by the organization. In contrast to this, the software of the particular brand needs to be downloaded in order to receive push signals. Although text message is advocated to have a greater customer reach, press alerts are a far more focussed approach. However, when downloading an software of a particular brand, a customer takes an informed decision. Because compared to txt messaging, companies can employ location based information for focused concentrating on. For example, a customer who will be near a store store can be alerted of discounts/offers for instant purchase. Such functions are lacking through text dependent messaging.

As per the Forrester report, push notifications can serve to be an improved engagement technique through increased personalization and relevance of the customer's viewpoint. They can allow marketers to make more personalized communication with individual customers at the appropriate time. (3) Such a high level of intimation and focused CRM strategy is missing through text messaging.

Text messaging does not involve context and time for delivering the information to customers. In contrast, with high-end smartphones, the phones data can be gathered from the phone's accelerometer and gyroscope to make real-time communication with customers. This can be done at the most appropriate as well as in the most advantageous context. A customer who is driving at a high speed would not receive a health related communication at that inappropriate time.

Text messages are only a communication tool. However, push alerts are proposal tools that seek to foster relationships between the brand and the consumer through pushing content. This creates loyalty and re-engagement by rewarding the customers for specific engagement activities. The pharmacy may push new offers and remind the client about doses and time of the medicine intake/provide refill reminders. Text messaging lacks such CRM projects. (4)

An email/SMS can be lost in junk mail mail and appearance more interruptive. Push alerts are not lost as they could be viewed 'now' or 'later. ' They appear more interesting than simple text messages as push alerts can be a multimedia concept with a proactive approach center.To become more data click here Push Notifications.

Marketing Strategy

Push notifications allow the marketer to follow an even more integrated strategy of buy up-selling and cross-selling. This is certainly done through focused customer targeting by customer segmentation and press analytics.

Besides traffic increase, push alerts can function to inform new up-dates, versions, feature release, pest fixes to engaged users, and increase the application ranking. Dormant users can be employed by sending them a push notification for comments. Using the push signals as a customer survey/feedback tool to test a new feature or an offering on a real-time basis can be of tremendous advantage for the iphone app developer. (5)

The marketers take advantage of the push power by integrating their marketing and CRM strategy. They will do this with drive strategy and maintaining uniformity in overall messaging construction of the business.


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The strategy to keep users engaged with your software on an continuous basis is referred to as mobile engagement strategy. When you deploy a new mobile application to the store and commit in marketing your application to get more and more downloads, having a strategy to keep your iphone app users engaged with your application is the most crucial decision to guard your INVESTMENTand get the most out of it. The top question though is, how would you engage your users? Based on the nature of the app, the users may or may well not make use of it regularly.To get additional facts click the link Chrome Notifications.

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