Sunday 21 August 2016

All you need To Know About EIFS

What is EIFS?

EIFS stands for Exterior Insulating material and Finishing System plus its a type of external wall that provides insulation and water proofing to any building. It can be placed on any type of walling and it is very popular for both commercial and private buildings.

How is it installed?

If you were to hire a company to provide EIFS, they would attach the EIFS to the exterior of the building with an glue. The exterior surface needs to be flat and continuous, without gaps.

This particular is because there has to be a solid foundation for the supporting wall structure. Companies will use an cement adhesive to attach the EIFS to the supporting walls, nevertheless they will also apply a weather-proofing sheet between the wall and the EIFS, this is and so the wall will have extra support in inclement weather.

Is it successful?

In the past, EIFS was used as a simple weather proofing system for masonry walls. The EIFS was the only thing that was applied to the wall to provide protection from the next thunderstorm.

However, as the weather as gotten more severe, companies now add an extra layer to the wall structure and the EIFS is attached to that layer. This system provides twice the protection and is much more successful for guarding properties, even when experienced with the most unfortunate weather.

EIFS has been very successful over time with some studies discovering that over 10% of properties have EIFS. The success of EIFS has lead to several of companies being developed in The united states, that specialize in the application of EIFS.

This means that if customers want EIFS on their property, they can choose a company depending on competitive prices and have it be extremely affordable.


EIFS companies have the possiblity to be very successful in the American market. Research into the application of this method has found that the top 5 companies get 90% of the job in America, and the companies that really produce the EIFS materials are extremely successful.

Architectural Rewards

Customers choose to use EIFS over any other insulation product because they can conserve the architectural look of their properties. The moldings of EIFS are developed in many shapes and sizes, and some customers choose the modern look, over the retro image. Nevertheless, there are customers that want to keep the vintage look to their property because they want to maintain character.

EIFS companies should be able to provide services whether the client wants a modern-day or old-fashioned turn to their property.To become more data click hereRevestimiento Envolvente EIFS.

Why is it so economical?

It is worth noting that having EIFS is so cost effective because production methods have changed over time. With advances in technology, the production of moldings has decreased in price. Consequently , it is cheaper for applicators to buy their materials. As a outcome, companies can be more competitive with their prices but still make a profit.

Getting EIFS can be installed on a property inexpensively and easily without sacrificing the quality of the product. In case you are worried about your property and want to add some EIFS, then it is highly recommended that you do.

EIFS can help with the price tag on the heating of the property and can reduce any repair costs after a storm. The expense of prevention is a whole lot cheaper than the price of maintenance.

There are many companies that can apply EIFS but you should choose wisely in order that you get the best level of service for your money.To get additional facts click the link Instaladores Sistema EIFS.

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