Wednesday 10 August 2016

Do i require an STD Test?

With millions of new instances of infections yearly in the US, STDs are a danger that everyone needs to be aware of. But while there are thousands of AN STD testing clinics throughout The usa offering anonymous STD tests, many people still avoid know under what circumstances they should take a test. Here is a set of five occasions when comprehensive STD testing is essential; some of them are typical sense (after unprotected sex with a stranger, for example), but some times it's so straightforward...

You have a one night time stand

Even if you engaged in protected penetrative intercourse, you might still be at risk of infection - be aware that some STDs, such as herpes, can be transmitted through oral sex. Of course , if you have had vulnerable, unguarded, isolated, exposed, unshielded, at risk penetrative sex with a stranger, you should think twice about visiting a local A SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE testing clinic - if you are concerned about confidentiality, many of them offer anonymous STD testing.

 You would like to have unprotected sexual intercourse with a long-term spouse

Before having unprotected sex with a partner, it is recommended that both you and your companion take some comprehensive AN STD tests. It is a common misconception that the contraceptive pill protects against sexually transmitted diseases. While the pill does prevent pregnancy, it provides no protection against STDs, and testing highly recommended for both you and your partner before you engage in vulnerable, unguarded, isolated, exposed, unshielded, at risk sex. Many STDs can be completely asymptomatic, so just because you don't have any apparent symptoms does not mean you or your partner haven't been exposed. It may well not be very romantic, but STD testing at the start of a new relationship is essential for safe health and peace of mind.

 You might be pregnant

Another strange misconception is that pregnancy offers prevention of STDs. It really does not; more seriously, there are a number of STDs that can cause complications during pregnancy. Some (such as Herpes, HIV and Syphilis) can be passed on to the baby as it is born. Thorough STD testing is usually standard procedure in pre-natal medical care at several details during the pregnancy - ask your OBGYN if you need further information.

 You might have three or more sexual partners in a solitary year

If you have three or more sexual partners in one year, it is strongly recommended that you undergo comprehensive A SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE testing, even if you engage in protected sex with all of them. It is also recommended that all sexually active women under the age of twenty five is going to take a Chlamydia test at least one time a year, as the disease is extremely common and rarely shows symptoms. If you are concerned about your tests appearing in insurance documents, many clinics offer anonymous A SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE testing.

 You might have injected drugs or steroid drugs

While some STDs can only be contracted through direct lovemaking contact, HIV, hepatitis and several other STDs are transmitted through contact with afflicted blood. The risk is especially high with contributed or previously used tiny needles, but if you have ever injected yourself with drugs or steroids you should go to a A SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE testing clinic to get tested.To become more data click here Anonymous std testing.

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