Saturday, 4 June 2016

Green Hotels and Guests

Like a human beings that take up planet earth we need to care for her. While we are enthusiastic about any topic we like to go "gung ho" in the starting, but as soon as it gets old we often forget about what we were so passionate about. This is how I feel about hotel friends that for example: open room windows and leave the air conditioning on or deliberately thwart a hotels good efforts to disable the power to a room when the guest leaves the room by sticking a credit card slot or everything else into the slot to keep the power on the room while they are gone. Most of these people would jump at the chance to conserve energy in their homes. All of us now have an Environment friendly "green" movement underway and we need Eco friendly hotels and friends.

Let me demonstrate how you can become an Green guest.

As a guest, you can:

1) Patronize hotels that recycle towels and garden with drought resistant plants

2) Require a reduced release vehicle to shuttle to and from the airport terminal

3) Make sure to shut off the lights and TV when leaving your room

4) Be sure not to throw away towels and enquire room service to recycle all trash they find in your room.

Hotel chains and other travel based companies are starting to catch to the green initiative. Companies such as Expedia have so-called "carbon offsets" which are offered as recommended purchases to customers who purchase travel packages from them. Get more information about friendly guest then you can always consider facebook.Such programs are designed to help countertop carbon-dioxide emissions that travel generates. This Eco friendly trend is spreading through the lodging industry.

Our own planet needs Eco friendly hotels and guests. A responsible guest will make sure the hotel they are staying at recycles water and waste and use solar heat in a blend with other conservation measures.

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