Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Adult - Here's How To be able to Get Your Woman To Watch "Naughty Movies" With You (Kinky Sex)

Most men usually really like PORN VIDEOS. Heck, I believe in some ways "adult movies" are partly accountable for this current generation of men being unable to fulfill their women in the bedroom.

You see, once you have sex with your woman it is just a visual and auditory experience - just like porn. Nevertheless , unlike adult - if you have sex with your woman there are other sensory faculties involved, those being FEEL, SMELL and TASTE.

Basically, I feel that when men watch too much porno - they become reliant on what they see and hear. Then, when they have "real sex" with their woman, they are not tuned in enough to what they feel, smell and taste.


With that said, it could be fun to watch NAUGHTY films with your woman - however, you have to go about it the right way (and most men don't).

First of all - if you are not giving your woman vaginal and multiple orgasms whenever you have sexual intercourse - TEND NOT TO watch porno with her. The reason why is because if your woman sees a female porn star getting much more sexual pleasure on display than you are providing her - your female is likely to feel confused, annoyed and perhaps even angry with you!

So, get the sexual intercourse working properly with your woman before you try to watch porn with her.

However, if you are giving the lady mind-blowing sex - please watch porno with her occasionally.

In this article Is How To Acquire Your Woman To view "Naughty Movies" With You

There is certainly something kinky and a little naughty about you along with your woman "getting it on"; whilst you are watching other folks "get it on" in a porn movie.

And women wish to GET NAUGHTY - so this can be powerful.

The way to get your woman to look at porn with you is to choose the sort of porn you watch with her very carefully.

The thing is, we men tend to be happy watching any porn, so long as the woman (or women) is very attractive. We all also tend to like to watch Lesbian porn.

On the other hand, your woman is somewhat more picky when it comes to what porn will turn her on. In this article is what most women want to watch:

They want to watch porno with a STORY COLLECTION. And they also want that history line to become a little kinky, a little wrong and a little perverse.

We all guys don't mind if the porn actors just start having sex as soon as the scene starts.

BUT - your woman wants to see FOREPLAY in the porn that you watch with the woman; exactly like she wants you to give her pre-sex games before you have intercourse with her (you do give your woman pre-sex games, right? ).

So, let me really HELP YOU OUT by giving you ideas of the kind of adult and story lines that your woman will probably find a start up:

- Naughty school girl being called to the headmaster's office and then getting "punished" for being a negative girl

- Anything very artistic (women like those movies where the guys where masks and the women where leather cat-suits where the crotch unzips and everything else stays on)

- A woman takes her car in for something, then understands she has necessary to pay - so she pays the employees at the garage in "another way"

Do you get this?

Do you see how your woman's mind works?

Women want the porn with the REALLY KINKY story lines that gradually build up to intercourse. They cannot want to watch the porn that jumps straight into sex because they find it boring.

So, if you wish to get your woman to watch porn with you...

- Use it rarely (once every 6 to 8 weeks). Do not start trying to watch adult with your woman every night

- Choose porno that your woman will need (clever, naughty, slightly obstructive  ?  uncooperative, "wrong" story lines)

- Make sure you are giving your woman incredible sex BEFORE you learn to expose porn into your bedroom.Get more information about noughty movies then you can always consider watch free porn. If you aren't offering your woman vaginal and multiple orgasms whenever you have sex with, get that happening before you think about porn.

More than anything - your woman wants you to definitely give the woman ORGASMS. Remember that.

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