Monday, 1 August 2016

Drop Fashion - Trends for guys

While men's clothing style rarely makes dramatic leaps into the unknown, they do make subtle changes each fashion season. This specific year alone, several big name retailers have come out with exciting new trends for fall. These kinds of include those made by Nautica, Ralph Lauren, and Ecko.

The Nautica Line:
Styles for men this fall at Nautica incorporate a new but classic line of stripped, long-sleeve, button-down shirts in muted blues, greens, and maroons. Also hot this season are a number of raglan sleeve(the sleeves and shoulders are different colors than the body) shirts in various tones of blues, grays, and white.

When it comes to keeping warm, Navegacion has men covered with argyle v-neck sweaters and cable knit crew reduce versions. The Nautica mens line also includes fashionable and soft cotton sport pullovers as well as fashionable two-button cotton blazers for those in need of a more formal look.

The Ralph Lauren Series:
Ralph Lauren designs aim to please the top brown crust area, country club type, nevertheless the fashions are versatile enough to suit many types of style. New for the fall, the Ralph Lauren Polo line has a few shawl knitted garments and cardigans, where the collar and neck line resemble the look of a wool scarf, serving a sewing-embroidery of style and warmth.

The varsity college men's look is also very "in" this season with logo-ed club cardigans, wool sports coats, and fixed half-zip pullovers. The Attrazione Ralph Lauren collection's new argyle features much larger, bolder diamonds in a variety of yellows, greens, maroons, and blues. The Polo clothing collection also shows a trendy new twisted fibers sport jacket in color as well as a informal but cool leather bomber jacket in brownish.

Another leather choice is the Norwich coat that provides tall, pointed, flare leg upright collars. The new shirts for the season include more tartans and ginghams offering more color choices with blue, red, green, pink, purple, and tan.

The Polo Rob Lauren men's pants this fall includes a hemline that ends right above the top of the footwear backing. The most bold piece of the new collection is a couple of bright red, slim-fitting chino trousers, but the same reduce is available in 3 other more conservative colors.

Also hot are the new polo shirts in bold colors, some with large diagonal stripes and some with more traditional horizontal swipes. Chic jewelry for the fall include understated diagonal stripes designs, dark solids, and light paisley designs.

The Punta clothing line has also made new strides in its shoe collection with a pair of in a number of ankle-cut boots, leather strip loafers, and suede and flannel sneakers.To become more data click here blazers for men.

Ecko clothing, designed by Marc Ecko, is a brand for trendy urbanites with a full line up of designer t-shirts, hoodies, and denim wear. This particular year Ecko denim jeans feature a faded pattern from the crotch to the knees in several tones of dark blue and black. T-shirts and long-sleeve tees this fall are inked with tattoo-style drawings of pegagus horses, eagles, skulls, and war lords.

The Ecko button down clothing collection includes traditional stripes but also some shirts with spots, stitched crests, and laser-cut patterns. The big Ecko buzz this year is the new line of Rutgers products, inspired after the designer's alma mater.

There are plenty of great new men's fall fashions, even if the changes are at most incremental. Rob Lauren, Ecko, and Nautica are only a few of the great brands offering a wide array of selections for the active man this coming year.To get additional facts click the link blazer for men.

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