Thursday 21 April 2016

Employ Cheap Voiceovers With Outstanding Voice Talents

For the blind and those with low vision, by using a computer isn't easy. Some don't think it's even possible. But with Apple's new and unique solution, VoiceOver, which is built into every Mac, vision-impaired individuals are now able to enjoy using Macbooks. It's reliable, simple to learn, trust worthy and enjoyable to use. With OS X VoiceOver 3's floor breaking new features, such as gesture support, Braille display monitoring, web spots, spoken hints, autospeaking web pages, "read all" web page summary, web stand support, user-created labels, and customisable verbosity, Apple's Voice-over program will greatly impact the lives of creatively impaired people as it pertains to accessing and using technology.

Voices: Powerful Influence in Marketing Media

Oftentimes, we don't realise the value and influence of "voices" in our everyday life. Not only are voiceovers and seems important for visually damaged people, but the power of voices in today's world are a strong force in everyone's lives. Behind the success of the best brands and top consumer products are the voices in their marketing strategies. Let's glance at the unforgettable sounds that always win the hearts of patrons and loyalty of shoppers worldwide. These are the voices that when people hear them, they know just what film production company or advertisement is all about. Below are a few of the impressionable voiceover talents in the past decades, which Terry O'Reilly, CBC radio program's Under the Effect host, featured in their "Voices of Influence" show this month:

- i b?rjan p? tv?tusentalet: A Space Odyssey - the critically acclaimed ultimate science fiction movie by writer Arthur Clarke and director Stanley Kubrick, that has been released in 1968 after 4 years in manufacturing

o One of the main characters in the film is a computer known as HAL

o Actor Martin Balsam - actually voiced the part of PERKARA, however the result wasn't what the director wanted HAL to sound

o Canadian actor Douglas Rain - hired to exchange Balsam and became the voice of the character of PERKARA, after the director noticed him in a Canadian National Film Board documented

o HAL's voice (portrayed by Rain) - controlling, aloof, unbalanced, eerily neutral, ominous, intimidating and powerful, that was the reason female voices are utilized in almost all phone prompts, computer voice systems and GPS UNIT voices to make technology sound smart, helpful and accommodating

- MasterCard "Priceless" advertising campaign series - establishing emotional resonance or connection between products and consumers, which started in 1997

o First "Priceless" commercial was aired during the 1997 World Series

o American theatre and film actor Billy Crudup - hired as the tone of voice of the "Priceless" marketing campaign, actually appeared on-camera in the 2005 MasterCard commercial as a cashier at a gas station, and continues to be the ongoing voice behind "Priceless"

o MasterCard's "Priceless" marketing campaign has run for 15 years, airing in 105 countries in forty-eight different languages.To become more data click here spanish voiceover.

- Money One's "What's in your pocket" TV advertisements

o Randy Quaid - had been the voiceover for all Capital One TV advertisements in Canada for several years

- Budweiser commercial

o George Clooney - his smooth, full-bodied and informal voice was perfect for the smooth, full-bodied beer

- Dodge commercials

um Michael C. Hall - used his wry narrating talents in the commercials for Challenger, Charger, Durango, Grand Caravan, journey and Jeep grand cherokee 2012

- Ultimate Combating Championship (UFC) promo adverts

o Ken Osborne - the impressive announcer of the fight event; born blind, he translates the UFC script into Braille for his voiceover role

- Airport, subway systems, train stations, and weather warning announcements

o Carolyn Hopkins - now 63 years of age, she's been reading these announcements for over 15 years because of her clear, authoritative tone without being harsh or overbearing

o She records the announcements in the girl home office in Maine

o Her voice, employed in various announcement systems, is heard in over two hundred airports around the world

Rate of interest cap think that they have to hire the most expensive voice talent or voice actor to capture their target market. But that is not necessarily true. You can actually hire cheap voiceovers with equally superb, powerful and influential voices. The important thing here is finding the right voice that's perfect for the product advertisement, commercial, role, movie, etc. Which what we offer at Abe's Audio - providing our customers with exceptional value at a cheaper rate because we never sacrifice quality for price.To get additional facts click the link spanish voice over.

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