Friday 29 April 2016

Exactly why OTT TV Is Superseding IPTV

There's never been an improved time to be involved in internet-connected television set broadcasting.

By 2015, 350 million internet-connected TVs will have been sold, and there will be one billion web-enabled, stationary, consumer devices like set-top containers and Blu-ray players used around the world.

This particular huge growth in internet-connected devices has heralded a new era for broadcasting and consumer tv set and will have an enormous impact on our industry.

I believe we're seeing a true evolution in conditions of a worldwide broadcasting station providing a web based video program.

Consumers are constantly looking at live and catch-up TV SET or video on demand via internet-connected television set sets, smartphones, gaming consoles and blue-ray players - everywhere they can access a web browser, in what is becoming known as OTT or 'over-the-top' TV.

OTT TV is the next generation for broadcasting, and presents an exciting opportunity for broadcasters and content owners to reach new audiences more than a variety of devices, minus the traditional costs associated with setting up a channel.

Broadcasters and content owners themselves no longer face those traditional geographical and operator-imposed barriers. They are now free to deliver their content directly to their audiences.

For the last 15 years, IPTV (Internet Protocol Television - or TV delivered over the Internet) has been the industry buzzword with traditional networks - such as telcos and ISPs - licensing and product packaging content for captive viewers.

That's been a costly business - both for the networks, who face significant financial outlay in providing consumer devices and acquiring content, and for the consumer, who needed to buy a branded device (usually a set-top box) from the network to access channels.

At the same time User Generated Articles sites such as Youtube . com demonstrated consumers' increasing hunger for sharing and viewing video online, while the likes of BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Netflix and iTunes have given audiences the freedom to watch on demand.

It has led to traditional tv producers and network operators having to reassess their strategy, understand how audiences are migrating from IPTV to OTT TV and discover quick, easy solutions to capitalize on it.To become more data click here S805 TV Box.

Reaching new audiences at low cost

OTT TV represents an 'open market' broadcasting platform where small or large content owners can broadcast, not simply existing channels or network owners. The low start-up costs for IP delivery and growing internet connection reach remove most barriers.

OTT content can be accessed via browsers or native applications on devices, and over networks which can be purchased independently by viewers. Devices like the Roku Set-Top Box hook up to the internet and allow access to any content for which an application has been created.

Operator independent internet set-top boxes are demonstrating fast growth as a relatively cheap and quick way to access these new OTT services. Over two million Apple TV SET devices have already recently been sold while Roku needs to have sold over three million boxes right at the end of 2011.

And while the barriers to entering the TV market are being removed by OTT, traditional income streams remain and new opportunities arise - from pay-TV and registration, to paid-for supplementary VoD, archive access and niche advertising. IMS Research forecasts that pay OTT membership services will generate a cumulative $32 billion in revenues within the next 5 years.

OTT internet also enhances the social and interactive side of viewing TV. In a world of too much choice, being able to have content 'socially filtered' by integrating friend tips into Electronic Programme Guides can help create an improved 'lean-back' TV experience for the viewer.

This will bring increased loyalty from audiences and complementary earnings options for broadcasters and content owners looking for an online video platform.To get additional facts click the link TV Box.

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