Sunday 17 April 2016

Is Your Web Site Designed Proper? Require a Quick Check

When your internet site in dropping short in attracting eyeballs, give the internet site design a closer look. A person may have spent a substantial period of time, money and work in creating a web site that ranks at the top of usability, has great content and has all the elements needed for SEO in place. And yet, visitors just avoid appear interested in the site.

Take this as the first warning signs! It is likely that your advanced web site design just noesn't need the design or the look and feel your customers want! If this is the situation, do not delay in looking for an experienced and affordable web services service provider to get the website in the right condition.

What is a sophisticated site design?

An advanced site design does not suggest that visitors should get awestruck by lots of flash-enabled gimmicks or animation but find it difficult to determine what the web site is all about. You should understand you have a good design if it satisfies some essential quality requirements.

Here is a directory in order to judge whether the website brought to you by your web development company is very value for money.

14 essentials of a good site design:

1) As soon the squeeze page or any other webpage of your site opens, it must be able to tell the visitors what the site is all about. Put simply, the purpose of the site must come across plainly at first glimpse.

2) The overall design of the website must be clean and clear, as per Web 2. 0 requirements, and provide a clutter-free look and feel. A single web page should not include way too many things. Especially the navigation and content area must have a clean look.

3) The use of font style and colours on the various web web pages need to have consistency. This is a key requirement of an advanced website design.

4) There must not be any old, distorted or hazy images. All the images used in a web site must be neat, clean, sharpened and naturally, of high quality.

5) There should be proper use of white area on the net pages to allow some breathing space to various elements used in there. Incorrect use of white space will make the webpage look more congested.To become more data click here تسويق الكتروني.

6) Placement of images, animation and links must not discompose the visitors from what they are looking for. There must not be links that take the visitor into unwanted instructions.

7) The design must be according to your targeted audience with appropriate colors, layout and content.

8) If flash animation is used, an option to skip it or turn it off should be provided to the users.

9) The navigation must be easy to understand so that your visitors can, without any trouble, discover the areas in the website they are looking for. Site must accurately describe the individual web pages.

10) The backdrop color and the color of the text must contrast well to make the content readable for the visitors.

11) The site design must not be too widespread. A widely spread out design necessitates horizontal scrolling which further complicates the web site.

12) Check whether the web designer has done constant page formatting or not. A constant layout from page to page offers your website a feel of one cohesive device.

13) Check whether apparent action objects such as calls to actions, links and subscribe buttons have already been incorporated on the site or not. Action objects must be obvious to the user at one look.

14) Before making the site live, test it on the wide variety of browsers and screen resolutions. This way you will know the improper functionalities of the site, if any.

Remember to entrust the job of developing a sophisticated website design to a reputed and experienced web site design company, which has a proven record in successful and affordable web services.To get additional facts click the link تصميم موقع .

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