Friday 22 April 2016

Head Lice Treatment: Put an End to the Problem!

Whenever we take a look across the globe there are a wide selection of head lice treatments that are available, which range from simple homemade remedies to special shampoos and oils. Head louse or lice are tiny bugs found on the scalp of the head when one is infested. These can be spread through contact. A head louse infects your hair this means you will live up to 30 days in nice hair. During their life cycle, in addition they place eggs in hair. These eggs are called nits. Head lice are common in overcrowded places, especially in the schools.

Symptoms of lice infestation:

Itching of the scalp
Small bumps on the scalp throat and shoulders
Tiny white specks (eggs) on the bottom of the curly hair, these specks are extremely difficult to remove
Here are some of the best homemade head lice treatments

The way to go about head lice treatment? Fortunately a number of options can be obtained nowadays and you will choose from the range of home remedies to numerous medical treatments available. Let us first discuss about a natural lice treatment. This involves getting free of louse by using some substances which can be commonly available in your home. You should use mayonnaise, petroleum jello and olive oil. An individual can apply anyone of these on your curly hair, and leave it overnight. To prevent dripping, a shower cap should be used. As it is difficult to eliminate eggs, it is advised to repeat this process after 10 days.

Apart from this there are numerous other home remedies for your head louse treatment. You can use tea tree oil, salted peanuts paste, lemon juice to eliminate lice and nits. Lime juice with garlic insert is a very effective treatment to remove the curly hair lice.To become more data click here head lice treatment.

The best way to remove lice is with a nit comb. This is especially useful for children under two-years old, who may have adverse reactions to louse shampoo and other chemicals used as a headlouse treatment. These nit spines are available at local pharmacy shops and they are quiet reasonable. It is recommended to use these nit combs daily so that you get rid of these lice and nits.

Several medications are also available in the market for effective head lice treatment. Medications that are being used to kill lice are called as Pediculicides. All Pediculicides are generally applied on the scalp and hair. Keep this on hair for ten minutes and then rinse it off. These are incredibly effective on the lice, but not on the nits. So it should be re-applied after 7-10 days. But it is very important to follow along with all the instructions of application and use carefully as, some Pediculicides have significant toxins. Some popular medications for the louse treatment are: Permethrin, Lindane, and Malathion.

A last considered head lice treatment and reduction

As it is said, prevention is preferable to cure, it is very important to prevent the infestation of head louse. Following are some points that are to be kept in mind:

In no way share brush, comb, hats etc with a person who has lice invasion
Keep your hair clean
Regularly clean things which may have direct contact with the hair e. g. pillows, seats and the like.
Treatment is very crucial, and may be done warily with all the prevention methods in order to avoid further infection. For the complete removal of the louse it is very important to repeat the mind lice treatment a couple of times.To get additional facts click the link natural head lice treatment.

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